Friday, January 4, 2008

I said, "No, No, No!"

Have you heard the song "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse? I have heard it several times since this past summer. Once you hear it, it's hard to forget. It sounds like something from an earlier era, but the lyrics are all too up-to-date. The gist of it is that the singer has an alcohol or drug problem, but refuses to go to rehab. "They tried to make me go to rehab; I said, 'No, No, No!'" In fact, the singer herself has been in the news for substance abuse problems since this song became a hit.

I was out running an errand tonight when this song came on the radio. While I listened to it, I got to thinking about how easy it is to see how someone else is willfully passing up every opportunity to make things right with God. But, am I just as guilty?

It's not a new problem. Jeremiah 18:11-12 is an example of God's people saying basically the same thing to Him. When the prophet warns the people to change their ways, their response is, "That is hopeless! We will walk according to our own plans." It's easy to see their error, and easy to judge them for it. In fact, God did.

But again, I have to ask: Am I just as guilty? Is there sin in my life that I stubbornly hold onto? When reminded of the need to repent, do I respond like the singer does? May it never be.


Gorgeous Smiles said...

Often times we know when we have fallen short and may not necessarily say "no" to repentance. Generally, our response is sometimes "not now." We want to whine and complain about how we have been wronged and refuse to see our own sin. Unfortunately, I speak from experience.

David said...

Yes, I have to agree. Sometimes, my response is "Not now", and I'm thinking a better time will come later.