Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I am always curious what people's thoughts are on the new year.

As for me, I have always loved it. I think it's just the feeling of starting over, seeing zeroes straight across the scoreboard, clean space on a new calendar, whatever analogy you want to use. I don't look at it as "just another day".

One of the reasons I love working in education is the fact that there is a beginning and an end, then a new beginning. Everyone has the opportunity to start fresh.

There's a great phrase in Acts 3:19, "...times of refreshing..." It's the same phrase in every translation I've checked. What an idea, that God would give us the refreshment of a new start.

As I've been imagining what 2008 might bring, I realize that I've only been picturing good things. Of course, it will probably bring challenges and pain along with the blessings and joy. Only God knows. But, that's life, and He'll be right there through it all.

Have fun watching the ball drop, and I hope the new year brings many blessings to you. Yeah, the clean slate will get marked up, but that's OK. Enjoy its newness and make good marks.


Sam D said...

The farther I get from schooling the less emphasis I place on time designations such as "summer" or "new year". My jobs have almost always had a bizarre fiscal year that was always more important than the calender year for tracking our progress. I guess over the past years I have allowed that to keep me from putting any philosophical importance on the beginning of the year. But this year has proved to be different as Arly and I are deep into a Total Money Makeover and have begun active budgeting and goal setting. Thus the yearly designation now bears a stronger level of importance to me than before. Perhaps philosophy will follow?

Jeremiah said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Happy new year! That is a great verse. I am going to use it for my sermon Sunday.

Gorgeous Smiles said...

Oh, how I need times of refreshing! There is a song that says, "Pray for rain, when your soul is dry and thirsty. Pray for rain, when your life is void and empty. Pray for rain. When you don't know what to pray, pray for rain."