Monday, December 31, 2007

The First One...

Hi Everyone,

Well, I've decided to take the leap myself, and create a blog. Why? Just for those times when I have something to say that doesn't necessarily fit into our family blog theme. Don't know if anyone will be interested, but why not try it?

Don't forget to check in on our family blog sometime. You can find it here.

See ya!


Gorgeous Smiles said...

I'm glad that you have created a blog. Your lessons from the scriptures are very encouraging and uplifting. Surely God has gifted you in rightly dividing His word and making it relevant to others. I pray that your ears and heart will be open to receive the daily manna that He desires to feed you so that you may feed others. May He continue to bless you in all of your efforts.

David said...

Thanks, G. I appreciate your taking the time to read. I hope this is something God will use to strengthen me and to help others. I hope there are ripples in the pond I never even know about.