Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Whipping Out My Phone

I had a feeling someone was going to say it sometime. (OK, my wife has been after me about it for awhile now, but I've been putting off dealing with the issue...)

What a great blog post by Chris Wejr here. So timely for me, and perhaps for you, too.

Chris shares his conviction that we are all missing too many of the moments going on around us and among those we love, all in the name of our minute-by-minute commitment to electronically document those very moments.

Sounds like me!

One of my most telling examples of this is a piece of video I captured as a souvenir:

It was a great night.

Just me and Kristi, enjoying a concert we had looked forward to for months.

The awesome Gavin DeGraw opened the show, and when he took his performance into the audience, the crowd went nuts! Without even realizing it, we all divided ourselves into two groups:  Those who moved toward Gavin to try and get close enough to interact with him, and those who whipped out their phones to try and get a picture of him.

Those who lived a special moment, and those who documented it.

Can you guess which group I fell into?

Don't get me wrong. I think there is room to do both in almost any situation, and I think we are tremendously blessed by our gadgets that let us capture images so easily. 

But I have to shake my head when I watch this video and remember how Gavin DeGraw walked right by me, within just a few feet of me, with no one between me and him, and I didn't even reach out to shake his hand.

Later in the concert, Gavin performed his new hit, "Best I Ever Had", and one lyric in particular stood out:

"I'm looking at the crowd, and they're staring at their phones..."

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John Smallwood said...

As much as I have grown to love my smart device, I also loath it's creeping into every part of my life. Oh for the days of pagers. You'll enjoy this post as well...