Monday, January 7, 2013

"We All Got Bruises"

Lately I've been enjoying the song "Bruises", by Train.

It's a sweet song, a dialogue between old friends who cross paths after ten years and reflect back on their past relationships and experiences, many of which have left bruises.

The song strikes an optimistic note about how these bruises "make for better conversation", and are simply a reality of life for all of us. I'm no exception, and I'm sure you're not, either. Just like the song says, we all got bruises.

But this song has also reminded me that, while I surely carry my share of bruises left on my heart by others, there are people out there right now carrying bruises of their own, bruises that were left there by me.

Some of these bruises I have completely forgotten about causing, and others, I never knew I caused. Some I still remember all too well, and these hurt more than the ones I carry myself.

So, tonight I'm saying a special prayer for people out there carrying bruises I caused.

Father, please ease whatever pain they still feel from things I said or did.

Father, please let me remember bruises I caused that I could still heal, and help me see the opportunities I might have to make things right.

Father, please let me forget the things you're taking care of, and want me to forget.

And God, please help me to be kind.

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