Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Business Cards

I just finished putting a stack of my business cards back into their carrying case, to go back into my pocket. The other day, one or the other, or both, of our boys got ahold of my case and took all the cards out to play with, and I found the cards scattered on the floor.

Lord, please help me remember that there will come a day, far sooner than I'm prepared for, when I would give anything to find my business cards scattered around by two little sons who think my stuff is cool.

Help me remember that.


Syndi said...

I'm staying up way too late, catching up on your blog (if it were a book, I wouldn't be able to put it down!) but I just thought this "comment" was really funny. Have you picked up on the business card collecting hobby yet?

David Dominguez said...

How funny! I don't think I ever saw that comment till just now. No idea who left it. Thanks for your comment!