Friday, October 3, 2008

A Good Day

Stayed a little late at work today.

On my way out, the building was pretty much silent, but for the sound of custodians running vacuums off in the distance.

The door to the custodians' empty office was standing open as I passed by, and from inside I heard the sound of a radio, and vaguely recognized the song playing. It was a rap song from the early 90s, entitled, "It Was a Good Day".

In a way it was fitting, but it also provided food for thought.

This song's lyrics do not convey godliness in any sense.

The "good day" described in this song involves getting up around 10 am, eating breakfast cooked by "mama", packing a gun but not having to use it, driving around town on hydraulic shocks without being pulled over, winning money at dice and dominoes, committing fornication, celebrating a Lakers' victory, not losing any friends to murder, and enjoying a Fat Burger at 2 am on the drunk drive home.

What a day.

Besides the poignant note about the commonness of murder in a gang-infested area, this song describes a day in the life of a person living only for himself, thinking he is independent, but not realizing he is owned; he is under the sway of Satan.

Reflecting on this song prompted me to think back on my own activities of the day, and what I thought made today a good day.

Last night, the Dodgers beat the Cubs to take a 2-0 lead in the National League Division Series. This morning, I beat the traffic under the overpass and had a quiet morning drive. At work, I was able to finish the tasks I hoped to get done today, along with the unpredictable stuff that always happens. I helped a teacher, a student, and a parent patch things up after trust between them had been ruined. I found out we have a brand-new nephew in New Mexico. (Congratulations, Dan & Syndi!) No major problems among the student body today. And, tonight, Taco Bueno!

I gotta say, it was a good day.

But, I'm left unsatisfied with my thinking on what a good day really is.

Did I, today, at any moment, with any deliberate attention, give glory to God?

Did I remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for me?

Did I humble myself before God and acknowledge my dependence upon Him?

Did I give my wife a moment of my best attention, a moment she might remember someday after I'm gone?

Did I give my sons a piece of me today, something to mold their understanding of what a Christian man is? Did I do or say anything to turn their eyes to the Lord?

Did my colleagues see Christ at work today, or did they see me?

What is it we hope to accomplish when we get up in the morning? What are we satisfied with when we go to sleep at night?

What is our standard for our use of the time we have? Are we happy as long as our goals and desires are met, we manage to avoid disaster, and we pick up some fast food on the way home?

Or, are we mindful of eternity as our days pass us by?


Pecos Dad said...

Actually, in the very best sense of it, today obviously was a good day, because before it ended you ran it all through the filter of your Lord and Savior's perspective. Yes, we could all do a better job of putting Him first each day, but isn't it wonderful that our Lord is so gracious and forgiving that it can still be a good day because we brought our focus back to Him before it ended? Well done. Well done, indeed!

preacherman said...

Wonderful post.
I like the questions you ask.
It really made me think about my life. Thank you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. May God bless all you do to make a kingdom difference.

Paul Ford said...

As I'm reading this, I just realized that the Cubbies are playing tonight, so by the end of today I have you've had yet another good day. ;)

Thanks David for your Blog!
It's a real blessing.
May our God continue to bless you and yours.


Lucas Gillispie said...


Great post. I think your reflective questions are the very sort we all need to ask at the end of any day in the "rat race." In summation, "What have I done today that will have eternal consequence?" I would certainly say this posting will affect my actions today, as it reminds me to affect those around me for Jesus.

God Bless! Following you on Twitter now! (I'm PCSTech)